Introducing the JSXGraph Board

We have several JSXGraph boards on this page. Each illustrates different features of the software.

This board illustrates points and graphs. Some are fixed and some are not. Click the points in the graph and see which you are able to move. Do the same thing with the two graphs. Note that holding the mouse over a point gives it's coordinates.

This board has two different types of sliders. We will use sliders both inside and outside the board, depending on the Exploration. Try moving both sliders and see how the image changes.


This board has a static graph, but we can move around using the board controls. The icons in the lower right corner of the board perform these actions. \(+\) and \(-\) zoom the board in and out respectively. The arrows scroll the board in the indicated direction The \(o\) icon will return the board to it's original level of zoom, but does not recenter the board.

Try using each of the different controls, then return to the original board.