About the Authors

Tom LoFaro

Tom is the Clifford M. Swanson Professor of Mathematics at Gustavus Adolphus College and is an Affiliated Faculty Member in the Institute for the Study of Decision Making at New York University. He earned his BA and MA at the University of Missouri and his Ph. D. at Boston University under the direction of Nancy Kopell. His scholarship focuses primarily on the application of dynamical systems in biology.

Jeff Ford

Jeff Ford is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Gustavus Adolphus College. He earned his M.A. in Mathematics at Minnesota State University - Mankato, and his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Auburn University. He currently researches how inquiry-based learning and mastery grading can change a students mathematical self-efficacy, alleviating anxiety and improving performance. When it's time to do some mathematics, he works with measurable dynamical systems.

A special thanks to Zach Dawson for his help coding the Javascript for the interactive activities, to Emilee Mason for her editing expertise as we were writing the book, and to Abigayle Paulson for finding all of the mistakes on the website.